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Veda / Sastra conferences / Sabhas:              They are being conducted on a reasonably good scale annually & regularly particularly in Hyderabad since inception of the Parishat and is open to all Veda / Sastra  Scholars in and from outside  the state, and occasionally at other places as well as need arises.
 Students:   Those desirous of learning Veda Sastras, Veda Bhashyam, Sanskrit Grammar, Research; Learning in the ‘GURUKULA’ type are eligible for an appropriate monthly scholarship.
Outstanding and  Old / Disabled / Scholars &Other Sponsored Schemes:   To provide a monthly honorarium irrespective of their  other sources of income, for medical and other support services to outstanding Old/Disabled  Scholars and also to the Gurupatnis of the deceased pundits.
  • Sri Pamidighantam Kodanda Ramayya Gurukul Stipend Scheme.
  • Sri Sistla Sakshi Sidhanti Medical & Other Support Services for old / disabled scholars.
  • Outstanding Veda / Meemamsa Sastra pundits under Bhy. Veereshwara Dongre Krishna Sastry Scheme.
  • ‘Sri Vidyaranya’  Veda Bhashyam under  Bhy. Mahamahopadhyaya Sannidhanam Lakshminarayana Murty Scheme.
  • Sanskrit Vyakaranam, Veda Bhashyam under Bhy. Mahamahopadhyaya  Dr. Pullela Sriramachandrudu Visesha Puraskaram
 Guru Purnima:   Chaturveda Parayanam By Vedic Scholars  in OBEISANCE to ‘Parama Guru’ Bhy. Ganapathi Sastry Garu.
  • ‘Veda Sara Ratnavali
Sri Ganapathi Sastry Garu was commissioned by the Endowments Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh (in 1971) to write a book on Veda.  The Hon. Minister Sri  Rudramraju Ramalingaraju was keen on the Project, [Vide letter of the Commissioner, Endowments Department letter D.Dis No.A4/566/71, dated 07.04.1971] The reasons for writing the book was given as follows: ‘As Vedas and Puranas are found only in the Sanskrit Language, it is found impossible for the common man to read and understand them and need has arisen to translate them into easy language to be understood by one and all’. Consequently, he was asked ‘to write book on Vedic Dharma concerning all aspects of human beings so that it may be useful to the present as well as furthergenerations’.  He was required to write the same within one year. It was published by Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy Devasthanam, Annavaram in 1974 This ‘Magnum opus’ and ‘Tell all’ book  is only one of its kind in Telugu and there is no parallel.
  • Biography of Padmasri Vuppuluri Ganapathi Sastry both in English & Telugu by  Sri V.V.G. Sastry.
  • Booklets on ‘Sanatana Dharma’, ‘Vedartha Gyanamu’, significance of ‘OM’ and others by the Parishat.
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