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  • To encourage and promote studies in Vedas, Sastras and Sanskrit, in the traditional pattern of Education.
  • To provide maintenance and teaching Grants to Vedic and Sastric scholars depending on their attainment in the fields of study.
  • To provide Pension and Family Pensions and create educational facilities to the dependants of the deceased Vedic and Sastric Pundits.
  • To provide stipend to the students who study Vedas, Sastras and Sanskrit.
  • To conduct Veda Sastra Vidwat Sabhas annually or bi-annually with recitation and pravachanams in Vedas and honour Vedic and Sastric Scholars by giving fitting Grants in cash or in kind.
  • To conduct seminars, conferences and such other meetings to disseminate Vedic Culture and impart spiritual and ethical guidance to the general public.
  • To organize lectures by eminent scholars periodically for the propagation of the Vedic knowledge and Arsha Vignanam.
  • To associate or co-operate with or become member of any other Institution or Society having similar objects and coordinate activities of like nature.
  • To raise a reserve fund to achieve the above objects from the gifts or grants by the members, the philanthropic public, Institutions, Corporations or the State.
  • To acquire, dispose or lease property for the establishment of the Parishat and also for the furtherance of the objects.
  • To maintain a Library and print, publish and distribute Vedic and Sastric texts and also books pertaining to Arsha Vignanam.
  • To establish and run schools imparting instructions in Vedas, Sastras and Sanskrit under traditional Gurukula methods through the medium of Sanskrit.
  • To do all other incident or ancillary activities in furtherance of propagating and establishing Arsha Vignanam with the above aims and objects

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